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Transformation Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky is made up of the people in the Cincinnati area that are inviting God to touch our city, the places where we work, and the places where we live. We are people who come from all types of backgrounds; working people, students, pastors, mothers, fathers, all walks of life; people who represent all ethnic groups, cultures, and races; nameless and faceless Christians wanting to join with other likeminded believers in this region. This is a spiritual transformation led by God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 

Some help administratively, facilitate prayer and planning meetings, or organize events and outreach efforts. Others support this transformation by harnessing their personal resources in their businesses, churches, and vocations. There are many pastors or church leaders involved in this process helping to provide a spiritual covering and building unity. 

Mission Statement: to honor and glorify God in all that we do.

Purpose: to facilitate uniting God's people, businesses, churches, government, and schools through prayer, plans, and actions to spread the good news of Jesus through this city, region and country.

Vision: that Cincinnati and northern Kentucky be transformed into a Christ-centered city of prayer that provides refuge for all people.


 Join thousands as we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Together.




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